Board of Directors


Michael Roepel (President)
Shirley Randleman (Vice President)
James J. Connor (Treasurer)
Paulette Carter (Secretary)


Deborah McColloch
Doris Gwaltney
Sinclair S. Cooper
Carolin L. Irvin
Rosemary C. Thomas
Victoria Brimm
Andrew Meloney

C.P. celebrates her new front steps!

The PNHS Mission and Vision Statement

Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. (PNHS) is a 501c(3) non-profit community development corporation and certified Community Development Financial Institution, serving targeted neighborhood and populations in the City of Philadelphia.

PNHS has marshaled private, philanthropic and government resources for evolving programs and services. PNHS combines these resources to halt the process of disinvestment and deterioration which threatens to destroy many of Philadelphia's older residential areas. PNHS targets specific neighborhoods, forms strategic alliances with like- minded community organizations and groups to deliver comprehensive revitalization services.

PNHS is a community builder focusing on quality affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization in low-income communities.

Current PNHS Properties for Sale

2002 Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
5234 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139