Board of Directors


Michael Roepel (President)
Shirley Randleman (Vice President)
James J. Connor (Treasurer)
Paulette Carter (Secretary)
Bernard Hawkins (Executive Director)


Deborah McColloch
Doris Gwaltney
Sinclair S. Cooper
Carolin L. Irvin
Rosemary C. Thomas
Victoria Brimm
Andrew Meloney

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About PNHS

Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services (PNHS) is a private non-profit organization. PNHS was incorporated in 1975 with the vision of making homeownership affordable for under-served and distressed communities. At the foundation of this vision were concepts such as resident empowerment, redevelopment, public/private partnership and aggressive intervention. Over the past twenty-five years PNHS has kept this vision and improved upon it. PNHS has continued to reinvent itself through the commitment of a dedicated Staff and Board of Directors. As PNHS moves forward, our goals remain:

  • To Foster Sustainable Change Through Education, Training and Leadership Development.
  • To Increase Homeownership.
  • To Reduce Neighborhood Blight.
  • To Provide Resources for Home Improvement.
  • To Encourage Private Investment by Banks, Homeowners, Commercial and Industrial Users and Landlords.
  • To Develop Self Sustaining Programs.

2001 Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
5234 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139