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For Contractors & Sub-Contractors

Download a printable Acrobat copy of the Contractor requirements

Contractor requirements

Thank you for you expressed interest in our program. In order to qualify to be on our contractors list, you must complete our Contractor’s Qualification Package and provide a copy of the following. To receive your Contractor’s Qualification Package contact Curtis Riley via email at or call 215-988-9879 x209.

Absolutely Required Optional/Not Required
Certificate of Liability Insurance Certificate of Vehicle Insurance
Certificate of Worker's Compensation Federal Income Tax returns (2 years)
References Verification of Bank Account
Judgement Check (Small Claims Court), if applicable Articles of Incorporation
City Business License MBEC (Minority Business Enterprise) or WBEC (Women Business Enterprise Certification), if applicable
Federal Tax Form W-9  
List of all sub-contractors you utilize. (Updates will be required with each award)  
Must be registered with the Attorney General's office.  

Pre-Qualifications for Sub-Contractors

Absolutely Required Optional/Not Required
Professional Liability Insurance Vehicle Insurance
City Business License 2 years of tax returns
Current Workmen’s Comp. Insurance Bank Statement
Original signed tax form W-9  

    If applicable:

  • Home Repair License
  • Electrical License
  • Plumbing License
  • Roofing License
  • MBEC or WBEC

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