About PNHS

Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services (PNHS) is a private non-profit organization. PNHS was incorporated in 1975 with the vision of making homeownership affordable for under-served and distressed communities. At the foundation of this vision were concepts such as resident empowerment, redevelopment, public/private partnership and aggressive intervention. Over the past twenty-five years PNHS has kept this vision and improved upon it. PNHS has continued to reinvent itself through the commitment of a dedicated Staff and Board of Directors. As PNHS moves forward, our goals remain:


  • To Foster Sustainable Change Through Education, Training and Leadership Development.
  • To Increase Homeownership.
  • To Reduce Neighborhood Blight.
  • To Provide Resources for Home Improvement.
  • To Encourage Private Investment by Banks, Homeowners, Commercial and Industrial Users and Landlords.
  • To Develop Self Sustaining Programs.