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With the advent of change, comes challenge. Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc., now in it's 35th year, has accommodated changes in demographics and neighborhoods in a manner reflecting our ongoing commitment to our mission and goals. PNHS' Neighborhood Development Department assists the entire Agency: To bring increased homeownership to areas threatened with divestment; to assist owner occupied homeowners to reinvest in their homes and neighborhoods via subsidies, grants and loans that are within the income limitations designated as low to moderate income, and to encourage collaborative investment by corporate, municipal, private and philanthropic bodies to effect stabilization and revitalization in the areas targeted within the City of Philadelphia. These being our ultimate goals, Neighborhood Development has and will continue to effect the implementation of strategic planning and goal setting that has resulted in neighborhood revitalization and the rebuilding of the communities we serve. Neighborhood Development utilizes a community's resources, whether it be a block captain or a resident leader to identify and deliver needed services. Neighborhood Development is responsible to assist community and faith based organizations to reach their goals, via technical and administrative assistance, writing proposals for funding or obtaining other needed resources for those organizations so that their impact in and on the community is augmented. Below are some of the accomplishments effected by Neighborhood Development in the past year.

The picture on the left clearly shows the condition of the Boost Learning Center prior to its remodeling and renovation. This project was undertaken by way of a partnered collaboration between Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, Washington Mutual, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, and M-Fuge(a volunteer ministry.) These groups worked together to effect a safe, productive learning environment for children and young adults. This effort was furthered by a grant of five computers to BOOST Learning Center so that the youth in the area can become familiarized with using computers.

The pictures below show the Boost Learning Center after its remodeling and renovation.

This endeavor speaks clearly to the thrust of PNHS' Neighborhood Development Department. The efforts pictured are one of many. Pictured below are M-Fuge volunteers, residents and community leaders gathered in front of St. Peters Church, which houses BOOST Learning Center.

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