Press Release: by Dec 12th 2002


As Part of Its

American Dream Campaign

January 29, 2003

Philadelphia.: With a commitment equal to that of very few others who have reached back into communities that are yet to achieve parity with the ideals of home ownership, Sears, in National Partnership with Neighborworksã Organization, The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation and Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services Inc. has brought its’ ‘American Dream’ Campaign to Philadelphia through its Sponsor A Block Initiative.

Sears, the Neighborworksã Oraganization, the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation and Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services Inc. have partnered together and designated the 1200 block of N.58th Street as the recipient of its’ Support A Block Initiative. This endeavor will see home rehabilitation, purchase assistance and repairs being made to the homes on this block by Sears volunteers and Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services. This will contribute greatly to the blocks efforts to stabilize and revitalize itself.

Located in the West Philadelphia targeted neighborhood of Carroll Park- during the early 1900’s named after the Mayor of Philadelphia, John Carroll. This block has been the recipient of Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services Community Improvements Program in past.

Sears, The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, The Neighborworksã Organization and Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services are going to ensure that the residents living on this selected block have ‘a leg up’ so that ‘the American Dream’ is more fully realized. The Sears American Dream Campaign will formally sponsor this block by providing each household with one or more of the following product/service donations, such as down payment-closing cost assistance or a home improvement grant. These home improvements will be effected through PNHS’s Programs & Services. Further, Sears trained professionals will volunteer their time to assist in various home improvement projects on the block. Sears technicians and associates from the local Sears Parts and Repair Service Centers will come to the neighborhood to perform appliance inspections.


Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, (PNHS), Inc., is now in it’s 27th year of effort to effect revitalization and transformation in Philadelphia communities. As part of the Neighborworksã Network and The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, PNHS will assist in the Support A Block Initiative with a Children’s Clothing Giveaway Event . Winter boots and coats, donated by Sears, will be provided to the residents of the 1200 block of N. 58th Street as well as needy children designated by various community and faith based community organizations. In all, $10,000 in clothing will be provided to children in the PNHS targeted areas as well as other areas. The Childrens Clothing Giveaway will take place at:

The Church of The Living God, 58th and Thompson Streets at 1P.M. Saturday, December 21, 2002 at 1PM through 4pm.and will be attended by the families who live on the adopted block as well as the parents, guardians and authorized representaives of children in other targeted areas. The Mayor of Philadelphia, The Managing Director of the City of Philadelphia and Councilpersons of PNHS’s targeted communities are expected as well as other local dignitaries. Media is strongly encouraged to attend, as Sears Corporate, The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation and Neighborworks© Representatives will be in attendance.












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Good news for you and your block, as Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services continues to fulfill it’s mission of revitalization and provide stimulating opportunities for the residents in our targeted areas.

PNHS has secured the goodwill and cooperation of SEARS, to provide services that you may need in your home. Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, focusing on weatherization, through addressment and 50% subsidies of repairs for windows, doors, roofs etc; has not traditionally addressed items like small or large appliances-washers/dryers etc. This Fall between the time that you get this letter and December 21st, PNHS and SEARS will be involving you, the resident, in our PNHS-SEARS block Initiative. SEARS has adopted your block to receive a variety of services that includes: an assessment of repair needs, free paint, an opportunity to involve in a block contest (around the holiday season), with prizes for those who involve. In addition PNHS and SEARS will be providing access to free children’s clothing, gift certificates from SEARS and free instruction regarding issues of Financial Literacy, Home Repair and the like.

All of this is a tremendous opportunity for the 1200 block of N. 58th St; it can’t happen however, without your involvement. As the Neighborhood Development Coordinator with a history of providing this block will the things that will strengthen and empower it (free paint, volunteers painting the houses for the seniors, free landscaping materials), I urge you and your co-residents to involve in this undertaking through your willingness to partake in a survey and assessment. I will be on your block in the near future. My goal is to determine, as accurately as possible, the needs of your particular household, so the questions I’ll be asking questions, while not personal, will be attuned to providing SEARS with an accurate picture of the household. Sample questions: how many in household? Any seniors in household? Children? Disabled? These questions are specifically designed to provide SEARS with an idea of how to GIVE needed services on your block-not to meddle in your affairs. You should know that a Gift Certificate will be provided to those households that involve in the survey. If you have any questions, you can call me directly, or ask your Block Captain, Ms. Hall, whom I’ve spoken with in this regard. I am leaving the form ‘Resident Questionnaire’ in your door so that you can answer the survey and provide us with the inf. necessary to meet your needs. Once filled out, kindly mail it back to me in the enclosed envelope. I hope to see you soon.

Miles Burton

Neighborhood Development Coordinator

Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services Inc.