Sterilization: changes in behavior?

It is useful to remember that each cat is an individual with its own character, so reactions to different situations are not standard or even less predictable. In this article we will try to clarify the post-sterilization period and how a cat can react.

A cat not sterilized, is a cat that lets itself be “guided” by hormones: for her it is essential to have children (on the other hand it is the call of nature), and therefore will try to attract the attention of males. When she’s in heat, she meows all day long hoping that someone will come up and show off her ass to make her understand that she is available for mating.

When the vet proceeds to the sterilization operation, he removes the ovaries which produce the hormones and therefore, the cat will no longer go into heat.

Many people complain about a change in cat behavior after sterilisation. We specify immediately that the character and temperament of the kitten after the operation do not change, the only change is the one related to sexual behavior: she will no longer go into heat and will stop harrowing meows and sleepless nights.

It is normal to observe a change in habits in the days following the operation, however, it is an operation that requires anesthesia and post-operation! In the 2/3 days following the operation, the cat can be irritable and unsteady: it’s completely normal! She has undergone an anaesthesia and an operation and, therefore, needs time to recover. Each cat has its own time; she may recover the next day or take several days.

It is important, therefore, not to stand over her and let her rest. Don’t smother her with attention, food, caresses and other things; respect her privacy and don’t force her and/or force her to do things she doesn’t want to do. It’s understandable that you care for her, but loving and respecting our kitten also means leaving her her space and giving her time to metabolize the intervention.

Our advice is to leave her in a calm and dimly lit place, with her blankets and a clean litter box. It is important that she always has fresh water at her disposal. Check her from time to time until her behavior returns to normal.

You found a cat in the street and you don’t know if it has been sterilized? Here’s how to figure it out!

If the cat continues to be grumpy, reluctant to touch her and to behave unusually even many days after the operation, take her to the vet who will check her wound and her state of health.

Obviously, all these considerations are valid also for the castration intervention of the male cat, but we have dwelt on the one of sterilization of the female cats because, between the two operations, it is surely the most invasive.


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